A buyer’s guide to diamond shapes

All you need to know about diamond shapes

Commissioning your own bespoke jewellery is an exciting thing to do – but it’s a process which involves lots of choices that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

What colour metal do you want? What style of ring? Diamonds or coloured stones? What shape? And if the jewellery isn’t for you – perhaps it’s an engagement ring – you need to consider whether your intended will love it too.

Because everything we do at Iain Henderson Designs Ltd (IHD) is bespoke you can literally have anything you want (as long as it’s physically possible to make it!) so we’ve written a few guides to help you understand some of your choices and help you feel more comfortable with the design process.

In this guide we take you through the different shapes of stones. We source all of our diamonds through a specialist diamond merchant based in Belgium. They are a family business which has been sourcing high-quality diamonds for decades so we’re able to find stones that suit all tastes and budgets.

Brilliant Cut Diamond


Brilliant cut
The classic round diamond, this is still a popular choice. It’s easy to match a number of brilliant cut stones together, or even use one larger one enhanced by a series of smaller ones. This diamond has many facets cut into it which gives it a brilliant vibrancy and sparkle.

Princess Cut Diamond


Princess cut
This square stone shape has been a popular contemporary choice since it was created in the 1970s, especially for engagement rings. It’s another stone that’s easy to set with others, although it’s often enhanced with stones of a different shape, such as baguette. Small princess cut stones are commonly used to decorate wedding bands. It’s likely we can even fit them to your existing wedding band or design a band that can have them fitted at a later date.

Baguette Cut Diamond


Baguette cut
Long and slim – literally like a French baguette – these are often used to enhance the setting of a larger stone of a different shape. It generally has less cuts meaning it has less sparkle than a brilliant or princess cut.

Emerald Cut Diamond


Emerald cut
A rectangular shape, but not as long and slim as a baguette. It has a few more cuts than a baguette diamond giving it more vibrancy, here at IHD we prefer this cut to the baguette cut. As the name suggests, this was a shape originally used for cutting emeralds. The emerald cut is another popular choice for engagement rings and is often set on its own.

Heart Cut Diamond


Heart-shaped stones are unusual but stunning when set on their own – the ultimate romantic choice for an engagement ring, and also beautiful as earrings or pendants. It’s important that heart-shaped stones are symmetrical, which makes sourcing them from an experienced diamond merchant even more critical.

Pear Cut Diamond


Also known as a teardrop, this is another diamond shape which is popular for engagement rings as it’s often set on its own. The point can be worn either towards or away from the wearer, depending on preference. It’s another cut which is stunning as a pendant.

Oval Cut Diamond


An unusual choice but a beautiful one which combines the classic brilliant and contemporary emerald cuts. Looks beautiful when set with smaller brilliant cut stones. Its elongated shape creates the illusion of greater size and its slender shape can make fingers appear slimmer.

Marquise Cut Diamond


A truly stunning cut which looks like a boat viewed from above, being a slim, extended oval with a point at either end. Named because Louis XIV of France had a diamond cut for the Marquise of Pompadour which was meant to resemble the shape of her mouth, the marquise is classic and elegant as an engagement ring, but will certainly need a bespoke wedding ring to shape around its beautiful points.


Design your own jewellery
While these are the most popular stone shapes there are many more, and the options for setting them in your bespoke jewellery are almost infinite. To discuss your perfect piece of jewellery, book an appointment in the studio and our expert team can take you through all of the options. As we source stones to order we can work with almost any budget, so give us a call on 01274 551 224 or email info@iainhenderson.co.uk.

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