Colour me beautiful…

… when it comes to gemstones, coloured ones are gaining popularity.

3 stone diamond engagement ring

Marilyn Monroe told us “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but people are increasingly choosing other stones for their jewellery.

Over the past couple of years here at Iain Henderson Designs we’ve noticed a trend towards more unusual coloured stones. We’ve made an increasing number of engagement rings with coloured stones, some cufflinks set with amber, remodelled family jewellery containing rubies and emeralds, and even created a necklace from a piece of coal.

Amber Stone Earrings

Maybe it’s the celebrity influence – the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring originally belonged to Princess Diana and is a beautiful Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds – and an increasing number of Hollywood stars (Halle Berry, Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood for example) have been seen sporting coloured gem stones in their rings.

Sapphire Ring surrounded by Diamonds

Sapphire Ring surrounded by Diamonds


Are they a good investment?

Despite the perceived wisdom that you should invest money in diamonds if you want to see a return, coloured gem stones have been setting records all around the world when it comes to sale prices.

At the end of 2014, Sotheby’s set a new world record when it sold a 8.62 carat Burmese ruby for £5.4m, and a new record for sapphires was also set at a recent auction in Hong Kong.

Other sources quote a 2,200% increase in the value of some types of stone over the past decade, so the answer to whether they’re a good investment is clear.


What are your coloured gem stone options?

If you want a piece of jewellery with coloured gem stones there’s a massive range to choose from. And as we source all of our stones to order from specialist merchants, we are confident we can find something to suit your style and budget.

You could use colour as your inspiration and match a stone to the one you choose. If you’re after red there are rubies or garnet; for blue try sapphires, topaz, turquoise or aquamarine; if you want green then go for emeralds or peridot.



Or you could go with a traditional birth stone. Take a look at a list here.

And as if it wasn’t complicated enough, many stones come in a range of colours. You might not know that sapphires come in a wide range of shades of blue, as well as green, pink, purple, clear and black. Ceylon sapphires, like the one in the Duchess of Cornwall’s ring, are named after the area of Sri Lanka where they are mined and are prized for their clarity and beautiful colour.

Diamonds can also be sourced in a variety of colours – yellow, pink, green, blue, chocolate brown, champagne and the current favourite, black. Also when choosing coloured diamonds, say over an emerald for instance, the stone will be much stronger and won’t break as easily or lose its vibrancy.




It can be a bit overwhelming, so why not take advantage of a chat with an expert and call to see us at the studio? We can talk about what piece of jewellery you’re hoping to create, your style and budget, then recommend a design and stones to suit.


How should you wear them?

Coloured stones in engagement rings have been the most popular recently, but we’ve also studded wedding rings with black diamonds, remade some family jewellery into matching earring and necklaces, and created a pair of bespoke cufflinks. We often hear from our clients that they have been given a family piece of jewellery that just sits in a drawer unworn because they don’t like it, however they love the stones. We can remodel this jewellery into more modern pieces, giving new life to the stones and you a new item of jewellery to wear, it’s a win-win!

1-pink diamond ring

As all of our jewellery is bespoke, we can create almost anything you choose, so you can incorporate coloured gem stones into pretty much any kind of jewellery. Take a look at our Facebook page for lots of examples of the unusual jewellery we design with our clients.

As well as creating pieces from scratch we can also “retro-fit” stones to jewellery, so if your wedding band is plain and you want to add some colour, we can advise about the size and suitability of stones to do this with.

Inspired? Give the team a call on 01274 551 224 to book an appointment to talk to us about your next piece of bespoke jewellery.



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