Five top tips for preventing proposal panic

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When did proposals become a “big thing”?

We’re not sure when big proposals became a “thing” but here at IHD we’ve been discussing them quite a lot recently. You might not be very surprised to hear that, given the business we’re in!

The world seems to be more proposal-mad than usual right now. There were four at the Olympics plus a request to actually set the date by Charlotte Dujardin’s fina and we were also sent this amazing video by recent customer Ryan, so we seem to have been even more surrounded by them than usual.

But when did the phenomenon of the big proposal start? We did some asking around and it seems to be very much a recent thing. When asking parents and grandparents about how they decided to get married the answers ranged from the practical, “He was about to go back off to war”, to the common sense”, “It seemed like the logical next step.”

So if our parents didn’t spend months planning a big proposal, exactly when did it start? Certainly social media has upped the ante on the details that people share of their lives. A simple search of the hashtag #shesaidyes reveals picture after picture of smiley couple selfies, rings on fingers and ways to propose (“marry me” in doughnuts anyone?)

And a fascination with celebrity which leads some to consume the minute details of their lives via magazines, online websites and, once again, social media, means expectations could well be increasing.


What the experts say!

Psychologists have suggested that public proposals are part of a “flaunt it” culture, in which we do things not for ourselves, but to be able to tell others all about it. It seems we’re pretty interested in this new ritual; there’s even been a PhD awarded by a university in Canada on the psychology of marriage proposals, who knew?


Proposal panic

But what if you’re one of those people feeling the weight of expectation of producing a post-worthy proposal? A certain amount of panic can set in, meaning you feel like you don’t know where to start.


Here to help

As always, we’re here to help. So these are a few tips on the fundamentals from those of us in the business:

  1. Take a deep breath –  you actually don’t need to have or do anything special to propose. What matters most is your feelings for your intended. Check out our proposal tips here (you’ll see they don’t involve hiring out the whole theatre or a plane to write a message in the sky!).
  2. Ring or no ring? – A ring isn’t a pre-requisite for a proposal. Plenty of people do it with Haribo or nothing at all and then choose a ring together later. Or you could try our propose with a diamond service which allows you to choose a stone and an impressive box then design the ring together. If nothing else, make sure you get some expert advice about what will fit your budget and your intended’s style. We’re always happy to talk through your ideas here in the studio.
  3. Take your time – whether you’re planning a big proposal or not, it’s highly unlikely there’s any rush. If you want to propose with a ring it can take more than a couple of weeks to have something specially made (especially if it’s a busy time of year like Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day) and if you’re planning to propose at a special venue you’ll probably have to give yourself enough time too. If marriage is intended to last a lifetime, what’s the rush with the planning?
  4. Keep it to yourself – there’s nothing worse than news leaking out when you’re trying to plan a surprise, so it may be best to keep your plans under your hat. You may be a traditionalist and have asked your intended’s parents, but telling everyone else what you’re planning might not be the best idea.
  5. Only announce it when you’re ready – social media means news can spread like wildfire, so if you think it’s important to tell certain people your happy news (parents or children for example) it’s best to make sure you take care of that before joining in the #shesaidyes hashtag


Here to help

We’re always happy to chat through ring and proposal ideas here at the IHD studio in Bingley, just give one of the friendly team a call to book an appointment on 01274 551 224 or email us

If you’re planning a Christmas or New Year proposal it’s never too early to get started on the ring, so don’t leave it too late!



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