Women’s Wedding Rings

Women’s wedding rings – bespoke designs for brides

One of the most exciting parts of planning for your big day is choosing the rings, so we’re here to hold the very hands that adorn them, taking you on your own unique design journey where you can create bespoke wedding rings to suit your individual tastes and budget. Both men and women’s wedding rings are traditionally designed in a ‘band’ style, but we believe that the only limitation is your imagination – so we’ll create a ring in any shape, size, colour or material you want.

Iain says: “The job of your wedding ring is to complement your engagement ring.
They shouldn’t fight for attention, but look made for one another.”

Whether you’re looking for a platinum wedding ring or a more budget-conscious palladium, specially sourced diamonds, or any other precious stone, we can cater for all requirements. For some brides, their wedding ring may have already been passed down to them from a close family member – but we can still personalise it, tweaking the current design to suit your own personal taste.


When choosing a wedding band, you need to consider what type of metal your engagement ring is.  For example, a palladium wedding band can sit in harmony with an 18ct white gold engagement ring – whereas, a platinum wedding band (which is a strong and heavy metal) would destroy an 18ct white gold engagement ring.

Remember, we are only too happy to offer our advice, so if you need any more information, give us a call or click here for more information about each available metal.

✓ Platinum ✓ Palladium
✓ 18ct Yellow gold ✓ 9ct Yellow gold
✓ 18ct White gold ✓ 18ct White gold

Now, you’re probably thinking you’ve already found the perfect fit that’s why you’re getting married. However, we’re actually talking engagement rings and wedding rings here!

A lot of people choose their engagement ring giving little thought to the wedding band that they will wear with it in the future. And we get why that happens. Too often we talk to customers who bought rings in a shop from a salesperson and weren’t given all of the information that we feel you should be privy to when buying jewellery.

BUT! Do not despair!

We will actively encourage the wedding band chat, because at some point in the future, your engagement ring will have to sit next to your wedding band and you’ll have an idea of how you expect it to look!

Now, as we make most of our rings in our own studio, we can shape a wedding band to sit snugly with your engagement ring. Whether it’s a slight curve or a more angled fit that is required, don’t worry, we can do this for you! Remember, this is what we specialise in.

As jewellers (not salespeople) we can make sure that the necessary measurements are taken to get the perfect fit.


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